Ember Modular Backpack Is Like Something Out Of An Awesome Video Game


The Ember bag is a Kickstarter that – at first glance – seems to be a bag out of some first-person-shooter. It’s a modular backpack design, which starts out as a “20-liter urban pack” and can be extended by adding all manner of sleeves and pockets.

If you want simple. Then go for the basic pack, a backpack with padded. Adjustable straps and a kind of hybrid zipper/roll-top closure. The bag shrugs off water, and looks very comfy.

From there you can add pouches and straps to the outside to fit your needs. I’d say these would be best for outdoorsy adventure type stuff. Because individually-accessible pouches, arrayed out of your sight and worn in the city means just one thing: pickpockets.

You can also add a laptop sleeve to the inside and a phone case to the straps.

There’s also a U-lock holder, compression straps and more.

Prices run from $265 for the Minimal pack, up to $370 for the Outfitter – Kickstarter backers get to pay less. I like it, but as a dedicated throw-it-all-in-one-big-sack kinda guy, I’ll skip it. Also, I have enough backpacks already. That’s not to say I’m not tempted though…

Source: Core77
Via: Kickstarter

  • Ember Equipment

    Thanks so much to the Cult of Mac Team. One thing about the theft comment, we designed the magnetic accessory pouches it to be extremely secure. The pouches go on instantly, but require a two stage process to remove or open. This is done purposefully to prevent theft or inadvertent dislodge. Thanks again so much. The Ember Equipment Team.