FiftyThree’s Paper Receives The iOS 7 Treatment, Enhanced Drawing Tools



Today FiftyThree released a new version of Paper that has been optimized for iOS 7. The update also includes enhancements to existing tools, like Zoom.

Since Paper is designed to be a blank slate to begin with, the changes aren’t immediately apparent, but the designers at FiftyThree updated every visual part of the app to be more at home within iOS 7. “You’ll find faster menus, simplified icons, lighter colors, journal covers that pop, custom typefaces, and overall improved readability,” said FiftyThree. “It combines the emotional power of metaphor and the functional clarity of clean design. In other words, we’ve polished every pixel.”

The interface changes are most noticeable in the app’s menus, like the initial welcome screen.

The Draw, Color, Erase, and Blend tools now work with Zoom, meaning they adjust within the loupe to match how close you are to the digital canvas. The dots created by the Draw and Erase tools are now tied to how long you press down, so you get finer control. FiftyThree sells its Pencil stylus specifically for Paper.

Source: App Store