BlueAnt PUMP HD Is ‘More Wireless Headphone Than You Need’


BlueAnt’s new PUMP HD headphones look perfect for sportspersons. I took a look at them at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona a couple weeks back and they look and feel great. They’re a pair of “wireless” Bluetooth earbuds which clips over the ears and shrug off water and sweat.

The PUMP HD’s marketing copy is as annoying as the ALL CAPS product name. Take this for example:

“If you’re the type who plods along at a nice 10-minute mile pace or lives on a stationary cycle, PUMP is probably more wireless headphone than you need,” said BlueAnt CEO Taisen Maddern. “But PUMP wasn’t designed for those who live life at a steady pace.”

Translation: these headphones are for “the type who plods along at a nice 10-minute mile pace,” and want to pretend that they are “active people who feed off their music and let the rhythm fuel where they go.”

Despite this obnoxious marketing crap, the buds look pretty good. They’re wired together, but talk to your iphone via Bluetooth, and they last eight hours on a charge of their li-ion batteries.

You can also choose a special tip that doesn’t close off your ear. You’ll lose bass, but you’ll gain the ability to not get run over by a car becasue you couldn’t hear it coming.

The price for these waterproof buds is a reasonable $130.

Source: BlueAnt
Thanks: Jennifer!

  • Abel Goddard

    I’ll never understand people who think $130 is reasonable for a pair of headphones.

  • TK

    I have them and they are worth every cent. He is right they are great for people who run