Flappy Bird Creator Says He’s Considering Bringing The Game Back To Flap Again



The creator of Flappy Bird, Dong Nguyen, has practically gone off the grid since he suddenly pulled his viral hit from the App Store last month. The 28-year-old Vietnamese developer said his game had become “too addictive,” and Flappy Bird was no more.

At the height of Flappy Bird’s popularity, the game was making Nguyen $50,000 per day in ads. Now about a third of all games submitted to the App Store are Flappy Bird knockoffs.

In his first interview since pulling Flappy Bird, Nguyen told Rolling Stone that he is considering bringing it back. The interview also touches on why Nguyen made Flappy Bird to begin with, what it was like for him when the game got successful, and what his plans are for the future. It’s a great read.

Source: Rolling Stone

  • mahadragon

    I don’t see how he could bring it back. Both Google and Android have been banning blatant knock offs for flappy bird. Any app with the the name flappy in it is not being allowed. His app would probably be banned as well even though he was the original creator.