Passive Voice Detection Is Added To Marked Markdown Preview App


Brett Terpstra’s Marked app started out as a quick way to preview any Markdown file as it would appear when rendered into rich text or HTML. It still does that as well as any of the apps that have their own built-in Markdown preview, but Marked is now arguably something else entirely. It analyzes your text and gives detailed statistics, as well as suggestions on how to improve your prose.

The latest version detects the passive voice.

The passive voice is a grammatical construction intended to send your readers to sleep. Take these two examples.

Amidst explosions and gunfire, Charlie wrote an awesome blog post.


The blog post, its flabby edges drooping off the sides of the page, was written by Charlie.

I think we can all agree that the first version is way more exciting, and not just becasue of the explosions and guns. When switched on (using ⌘⇧K)), Marked’s passive voice detection joins the bad words detector (not swearwords but lame ones) and other custom detectors (if you over use a word in your writing, you can add it and it too will get a highlight).

Add in live updating, great and varied export options and Brett Terpstra’s manic update cycle and you have one of the best writing tools for the Mac, disguised as a simple Markdown previewer. You can take it for a free test drive, or buy it for just $12.

Source: Brett Terpstra