Uppr, Totally The Best Flickr Uploader For The Mac


Flickr’s 1TB storage “limit” is great and all, but getting even 1/100th of that up to Flickr in the form of photos is still tricky. The iOS Flickr app takes care of new pictures on your iPhone, and now a new app called Uppr, from friend of Cult of Mac Robert Miles (not, not that Robert Miles). And boy is it slick.

Uppr does two things. Or rather, it does one thing, which has multiple uses. It watches folders on your Mac and uploads any photos you drop in to your Flickr account. This lets you either bulk upload the entirety of your photo collection to Flickr’s servers, or it lets you just drop pictures into a folder to have them sent one at a time.

But that’s far from everything. Uppr lets you choose how each folder is treated. You can specify the privacy level that will be set on upload, as well as certain tags, plus safety level and the type of content. Example: You could have a folder to save your favorite screenshots, set to private so they skip your public timeline, and tagged with the name of the Mac they came from.

Or you could have folders for different projects you’re working on.

And if you combine this with other tools then things get really interesting. You could have Hazel automatically put certain photos into an Uppr folder, for instance, or you could even join it together with PhotoStream2Folder and have your iCloud Photo Stream backup up automatically on Flickr.

It’s at V1, and Robert is planning on adding features quickly. My first request is for a progress indicator in the menubar (Uppr live up in the Mac’s menubar), but as the app does tell you when it’s finished (you have to click up in the icon to see) that’s not even a big priority.

The app is available now on the Mac App Store, for a mere $3. You should get it right now.

Source: Mac App Store
Thanks: Robert!

  • HoosierFan

    My only question is how much did they pay you for this review? I spent the $3 and it won’t even authenticate with Flickr. Support is non-existent. I am done with this POS app and with Cult of Mac reviews of apps. Somebody’s on the “take” here,

    • robertmiles3

      @disqus_p6C3mZIvLX:disqus, I’m sorry you feel that way. I’m not sure what you mean by support is non-existent: the link to our support is right there on the App Store page. I’d love to help you out and get you going, but I’m afraid I can’t help until you contact support.

  • Mick

    I agree, this app sucks

    • robertmiles3

      Can you elaborate? If you’re having trouble with something, I’d love to help you out. Obviously, there’s really no way to help change your mind unless we know what’s going on. Please contact our support (link on App Store page), and we’ll try to get you fixed up.

      • Brandon


        Works for me. $3 well spent. Happy customer! Thanks!

      • robertmiles3

        Thanks so much @disqus_4M7mW8wusD:disqus! FYI, there’s an update in review right now that should release any day. It has a nice little new feature. :)

  • Andrew C.

    When uploading folders, are they created into sets on Flickr? If so, then any additions added to “watched folders” that get uploaded, are they added to their respected set?

    • robertmiles3

      Sets are not currently support in Uppr because of Flickr rate limits. We are investigating ways to support sets while staying within rate limits. In the meantime, you can add a specific tag to the folder’s settings, then move all photos tagged with that into a set via Flickr’s “Organize”. Hope that helps!

  • MrVilleneuve

    Is it possible to just upload your entire iphoto library?

    • robertmiles3

      @MrVilleneuve:disqus Not yet, but we are looking into that as a feature update. We’ve had several ask about it, so it’s definitely toward the top of the list. Thanks!

      • MrVilleneuve

        Thanks for the reply. A lot of people are probably interested cause they would use it as a picture life, everpix replacement ;-)

      • robertmiles3

        I think you’re right on target. In fact, the person who already added it as a feature request named those 2 very services. :)

      • Rooligan

        This is possible and very easy!

        Here goes:

        1. Open Finder
        2. Open Pictures
        3. Right click the folder “iPhoto Library”
        4. Show package content
        5. Now drag the “Masters” folder to for instance your desktop holding Option and CMD to make a shortcut
        6. Now open UPPR and select the shortcut, you now see the folder path is put there for the complete library
        7. Additional you see in the “masters” folder when selecting it in UPPR also per year a folder, you can choose these subfolders each in stead and tag it with the corresponding year
        8. You’re done, let UPPR do its work and all your iPhoto pictures will be put on Flickr including new additions.

  • Adam Knight

    A good flickr uploader is f-stop https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/f-stop/id658386191?mt=12 It has quite a lot of features and is free from the app store