Elon Musk Says Apple Acquisition Of Tesla ‘Very Unlikely’



Tesla’s stock soared earlier this week when rumors surfaced that Apple and Tesla executives had talks about the iPhone giant acquiring the electric car maker.

Apple considered making an iCar before inventing the iPhone, and they’ve lost prized engineers to the automaker, but it’s unclear how a merger would  benefit the two companies, especially Tesla.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Elon Musk, CEO and co-founder of Telsa, confirmed the two companies have been talking about something, but fanboys shouldn’t get their hopes up on a merger happening:

“I think that’s very unlikely, because we need to stay super focused on creating a compelling mass-market electric car. I’d be very concerned in any kind of acquisition scenario, whoever it is, that we would become distracted form that task which has always been the driving goal of Tesla.”

Elon didn’t really completely shutdown the rumors though, check out the full interview below: