GameBoy Advance Emulator Coming To iOS 7 Devices… No Jailbreak Required!


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Remember GBA4iOS? It was a Gameboy Advance emulator for iOS that took advantage of an App Store enterprise deployment loophole to let you play GBA games on your iPhone or iPad, no jailbreak required. Unfortunately, Apple closed the loophole… until now.

On the official GBA4iOS website, a counter is ticking down to the release of GBA4iOS 2.0, an update to the popular GameBoy Advance emulator. In just 18 hours, as of writing, every iOS 7 device will be able to play their favorite GameBoy games without a jailbreak.

There’s some pretty cool features that are new, too. The latest version of GBA4iOS includes an iOS 7 reskin, more controller and theme options, Dropbox sync support, iOS 7 support, and sipport for full cheats.

When the app is released, iOS 7 users will be able to install the app just by opening the link in Safari and following the instructions at the top of the page. We’ll see how long Apple leaves this loophole open this time.

Source: GBA4iOS

  • Mark Andersen

    countdown ended, the download link is not working from their site and there’s nothing on itunes yet…what gives?

    • Jake Fuller

      Maybe because it doesn’t really release at that given time… And maybe because of the downtime needed to publish the webApp

  • Bitter Witch

    It’s not working. -_-

  • Jake Fuller

    It worked!!! Just set the time to February 18 just like last time :P (the sequence of events are left to right)

    • Jake Fuller