Realmac Brings iPad Support To Original Clear For iOS As Clear+ Gets The Chop


  • oldino

    Pathetic decision and poor planning.
    I got fooled twice: first bought original clear, and then got Clear+ with Xmas discount after reading so many complaints over their twitter account.
    And now they make this step back which should have been considered at original release time.
    I won’t buy their products in future, that’s for sure.

  • Might as well grab it, since its free right now. I wonder if that means Reminders will be a free upgrade when it comes out.

  • J O

    So, I bought the first version. Then I bought the + version to get the larger iPad view. Now, were told they made a mistake and their letting us go back to the original version for free! May I remind the developer that the ‘free’ version was paid for in the first place. In the second place, how about refunding the money paid for this soon to be discontinued version seeing it’s not our fault. Come, on now, refund us the money and don’t Kidd us saying this Clear is free.