Apple Promotions: New Heads of HR and Apple University




Apple announced this morning that it has promoted Denise Young Smith to lead its human resources worldwide for the company.

Smith has been working as Apple’s chief of human resources for retail operations, but will replace Joel Podolny, who’s moving over to work full-time on Apple University

In an email to Bloomberg, Apple spokeswoman Kristin Huguet said the following:

“We are excited that Denise Young Smith will expand her role to lead Apple’s worldwide human resources organization,” Huguet wrote in an e-mail. “Apple University is an increasingly important resource within the company as we continue to grow, so Joel Podolny will be focusing full-time on developing and scaling the University he helped establish.”

In 2013, Smith oversaw human resources for over 42,800 of Apple’s employees but will take over for all 80,300 workers from Podolny.

While serving as the dean of Yale’s Business school back in 2008, Joel Podolny was personally recruited by Steve Jobs to help found Apple Univeristy – an internal management program designed to impart the DNA of Apple’s culture to future generation of Apple employees.


Source: Bloomberg