Bloom Project, The Minimal Wooden iPhone Case That’s Endorsed By Hedgehogs


I’ll admit it. The main reason I’m posting about the beautiful Project Bloom iPhone case is the hedgehog. Specifically Woody, the African Pygmy hedgehog that you see in the photo above.

But that’s not to say that the case isn’t worth a look. It is. So Let’s.

The Project Bloom case is made up of a thin ~1mm-thick rear panel made from a fancy wood veneer, wedded to a plastic bumper that runs around the edge. This combination, promises the maker Nikhil Chakarvarty, is both feather-light and tough.

It’s a Kickstarter with an estimated May shipping date, and the case can be had in any of the following finishes: maple, bamboo, walnut, ebony, rosewood and hedgehog (kidding about that last one). There are cutouts for the camera and other essentials, plus a laser-etched logo on the back.

I think it looks pretty sweet, and I’m drawn to the maple and rosewood finishes. I’m also drawn to the price: at $29 these cases cost the same as the crappy plastic cases you buy at the mall.

Source: Kickstarter
Thanks: Nikhil!