Apple Nukes Evasi0n Jailbreak Exploits From Orbit In iOS 7.1, Just To Make Sure



It was always a matter of time before Apple killed off the popular Evasi0n jailbreak, and as of iOS 7.1 beta 4, they had killed off at least one critical exploit.

But Apple’s not going to stop there. They’re nuking Evasi0n from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.

According to hacker iH8Snow, the recently released iOS 7.1 Beta 5 closes a number of additional Evasi0n exploits that could have been used as pieces to make a future jailbreak, had they not been sniffed out: specifically, the “chown” vulnerability and “afc” sandbox escape used by the utility.

What this means, of course, is that iOS 7.1 is not going to be safe for jailbreakers, and Team Evasi0n — or other jailbreak hackers — are going to have to work all the harder to find other exploits to open iOS back up again to unsigned code.

The game continues.

Source: Twitter

Via: App Advice

  • Faslane

    As is always the case….. they set it every major hit point release and they always find more in new code so this really isn’t anything to be worried about.

  • norb

    I think the people who released the last jailbreak were too impatient. They should have waited until a stable 7.1 to release it, now jailbreakers are stuck on 7.0.x for god knows how long. A good exploit seems wasted now…

  • tool022611

    From what I here 7.1 isn’t gonna be all that special, looks like I will just hold off on updating til jailbreaking is ready. They definitly shoulda waited til 7.1 to release a jailbreak, they coulda taken more time to make sure there was more available for 64-bit users.

  • John

    Fuck apple