The Danny P Pocket Book Is All You Need From An iPhone Wallet [Review]



iPhone wallet cases are traditionally cases first and wallets second; their focus is on protecting your iPhone, and then a few pockets are added for carrying your cards and cash. But the Danny P Pocket Book for iPhone 5 and 5s is a little different.

Pocket Book by Danny P
Category: Wallet Case
Works With: iPhone 5 & 5s
Price: $129

Made from the finest Italian leather, it’s essentially a traditional wallet that has space for your iPhone, so you don’t need to make any compromises to use it. You can continue to carry as many cards as you want — there are 8 card slots in total with two additional sleeves for business cards, receipts, and anything else you might want to stuff in there — and there’s more space for bills than most of us will ever need.

The Pocket Book is available in cognac — a beautiful tan color with blue internals — and it’s priced at $129. As iPhone wallets go, it’s pretty darn good.

The Good

Undoubtedly the best thing about the Danny P Pocket Book is its design; it’s absolutely gorgeous. The tan leather combines wonderfully with the blue internals and stitching around the edges, and its slim form factor means it’s not too bulky — providing you don’t cram too much into it, of course.


I used mine with five cards inside it for most of the time, plus a bit of cash when I had it, and it has never felt too big. It’s likely to be bigger than your existing wallet with your iPhone inside it, of course, but I still had no problem slipping it into the back pocket of my jeans, or the inside pocket of my jacket.

Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 18.40.14
The Danny P logo embossed on the inside.

There’s a soft lining inside the iPhone pocket that’ll prevent your device from picking up scuffs and scratches when you slip it in and out, and a nice cutout that gives you plenty of grip on your device. If you put your iPhone inside upside down, you can still hear its speakers, and gain access to its Lightning connector and headphone jack.

The Pocket Book feels reassuringly strong and robust. It’s not made out of the thickest leather — which helps keep its size down — but it still has a very premium feel. Its stitching seems tight and resilient, so providing you look after it, the wallet should last for as long as you have your iPhone.

The card slots inside the Pocket Book are very generous, so you’ll comfortably fit at least two cards into each if you find the 8 slots isn’t enough. There’s also lots of room inside the cash sleeve, and thanks to its size, you’ll be able to slip notes, receipts, and more inside there without them hanging out of the wallet.

The Bad

The iPhone pocket is pretty loose-fitting, too — which has its pros and cons. On the one hand, it’s incredibly easy to slip your iPhone in to and out of it, and you’re not going to miss any calls because you couldn’t get it out quickly enough.


On the other hand, if you take the Pocket Book out of your bag or your jacket upside down, there is a chance your iPhone will fall out of it; it only takes the slightest shake. I would have preferred it if the iPhone pocket was a little tighter so that this wasn’t an issue.

The Verdict

The Pocket Book may be a little expensive at $129, but I think it’s worth it. It’s a beautiful case that delivers everything you’d expect from an iPhone wallet, and thanks to all of its slots and pockets, you don’t have to leave cards at home or worry about what you’re going to do with receipts.

I could only think of one negative thing to say about this case, and that’s pretty impressive. Unless you want an iPhone wallet that lets you use your device while it’s inside it, then, then you should definitely be taking a look at the Pocket Book.

Product Name: Pocket Book
The Good: Looks fantastic; excellent build quality; lots of space for cards and cash.
The Bad: Slightly loose iPhone pocket.
The Verdict: Excellent iPhone wallet case that doesn’t require any compromises. A little pricey, but well worth it.
Buy From: Danny P


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