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SwiftKey Finally Infiltrates iOS With New Note-Taking App


SwiftKey Note iPhone and iPad

The immensely popular SwiftKey keyboard makes its debut on iOS today via a new note-taking app called SwiftKey Note. It promises to be the fastest way to make notes on an iPhone and iPad, and it boasts features like Evernote syncing and multilingual typing. It’s also completely free.

Like a lot of people, I didn’t think we’d ever see SwiftKey on iOS — at least not without a jailbreak — due to Apple’s incredibly tight control over the platform. But thanks to SwiftKey Note, the award-winning keyboard — which is loved by millions of users on Android — is now available from the App Store.

With smart prediction technology and intelligent autocorrect, SwiftKey Note aims to be one of the fastest note-takers on iOS. It will correct your mistakes and suggest your next word as you type, and the more you use it, the more it learns about you and adapts to the way you type.

It also supports multilingual typing, with the ability to use up to three languages at once. So you can start typing in English, switch to German, and then switch to Spanish without ever having to play around inside a settings menu.

It’s not all about the keyboard, though; SwiftKey Note is a full-featured note-taking app, so it boasts features like simple formatting, tagging, support for multiple notebooks, and the ability to share notes via AirDrop, Messages, and Mail. It also integrates Evernote syncing, so it’ll backup all of your notes to your Evernote account.

It isn’t quite the third-party keyboard implementation we’ve been hoping for, though. Apple’s restrictions mean that SwiftKey cannot be used system-wide as a replacement to the default keyboard, but only inside the SwiftKey Note app. Nevertheless, we finally get a taste of what all those Android users have been raving about.

You can download SwiftKey Note for iOS by following the App Store link below.

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