In A Sea Of Boring iPhone Cases, Moshi’s SenseCover Is Something Unique



Today Moshi announced the SenseCover, one of the most unique iPhone cases I’ve come across in a long time. By using touch-sensitive plates on the front of the case, the SenseCover allows you to answer incoming calls and turn off alarms without opening the front flap.

Intricately engineered, Moshi’s SenseCover features proprietary embedded plates which allow for answering calls and talking on the phone without the hassle of opening a cover. SenseCover has the added benefit of keeping the device safe from damage, even when the phone call functionality is in use. When the touchscreen is in use, the front of the case features a special magnetic clasp which keeps the cover folded back neatly and out of the way.


I was shown a demo of the SenseCover at CES earlier this month, and while I don’t have one yet, I can say that it works as advertised. While I usually don’t care for iPhone cases with front covers, it’s nice to be able to check the date/time while keeping the front protected.

The SenseCover is on sale now for $45.

Source: Moshi

  • TechShizzle

    Ordered one of each.

  • itpromike

    Oh great a big bulky case to replicate functionality that both LG’s and Samsungs flagship phones already have… meh. Apple should include this in iOS and truly make some useful features… iPhone is getting stale and flat.

  • Breadfan

    I looked at this on the Moshi site and in the FAQ/instructions it talks about applying the backside buffer film. In the photos it looks like the phone just snaps into the shell. What is the purpose of the backside buffer film?