Switch Quickly To Big Finder Icons With AppleScript [OS X Tips]


Big icon view

One cool thing you can do in the Finder is set any window to view as large, 512X512 icons. You can do this by clicking on the icon button in the top left of any Finder window, then dragging the resizing slider in the lower right corner.

It’s fairly easy, but not super precise, and if you often use the Finder to quickly scroll through large photo icons to preview images you’ve taken or downloaded, it can be somewhat of a tedious chore.

Creating an AppleScript to do it for you is easy, and it will save you some serious time.

Ahh, AppleScript.
Ahh, AppleScript.

Launch the AppleScript Editor, typically found in the Applications > Utilities folder. Create a new document, and type or paste the following script in.

tell application "Finder"
set thisFolder to target of front Finder window
set the current view of front Finder window to icon view
set icon size of icon view options of front Finder window to 256
set arrangement of icon view options of front Finder window to arranged by name
close front Finder window
open thisFolder
end tell

You can test it now by opening a Finder window, switching back to AppleScript Editor, and hitting the “Run” button.

Once you’ve assured yourself it works, save the AppleScript, choosing Application from the drop down menu in the dialog box. Save the file somewhere on your Mac.

My, that's a large icon.
My, that’s a large icon.

Now, drag the icon of the saved AppleScript to your Dock. Now every time you’re in the Finder with a window open, you can click on the AppleScript to change that Finder’s view to the big icons.

Source: Dr. Drang
Via: Macworld Hints