Celebrates 30 Years Of Mac With Visual Timeline, Video & More


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The original Mac was released thirty years ago today, and to celebrate, Apple has unveiled a special “30 Years” section of its official website that allows users to scroll through a visual timeline of the Mac’s history, starting with the original all the way to the new Mac Pro.

Each page of the “30 Years” timeline features a quote describing that Mac’s impact on a famous person or entity, such as how the Macintosh helped pioneer electronic music thanks to John Appletone, or how Theodore Gray created Mathematica on a Macintosh II.

The visual timeline features pages on every Mac ever, along with photos, and is accompanied by information on the most popular uses for each Mac. There’s a page for users to tell Apple about their first Mac, which then finds its way into another section that breaks down what models ended up being peoples’ entry into the Mac space.

In addition, a video on the site includes famous individuals like Hans Zimmer and Iris van Herpen, talking about the Mac’s role in changing their industries. You can watch it below:

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  • Danielmargrave

    What I want is a high res copy of that balloon wallpaper!

  • Kendall Tawes

    I just had time to visit the site and I noticed they are using the wrong icons for the Macintosh TV, they used a Performa instead of a LC; and the iBook G4, it didn’t have a front loading CD drive. The correct icons are available in the font but someone must have mixed them up.