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Dispatch App Updated. Result: Still The Best Email Processor for iPhone



Dispatch is one of the greatest email apps for the iPhone (but sadly still not the iPad). It’s purpose is to let you power through your emails and whittle down your inbox in double-quick time. And the latest update adds some welcome streamlining.

Dispatch works as a kind of routing station, hooking up to pretty much any service you can think of, and letting you send emails to your favorite task manager app or service, save attachments into Evernote, turn emails into iMessages, and create reminders or calendar events from your messages.

This last is my favorite part, as you can not only turn any email int a reminder, but that reminder includes the message URL, letting you tap the alert and then tap a link to open the original email message, either in Dispatch or in Mail.app. And if you choose the latter, the links will also open the message in Mail on your Mac. Neat, right?

The list of things you can do with dispatches is almost never ending. Let’s just say that if you use any even semi-popular todo app, it’s supported (Omnifocus, Clear and many more). Fantastical 2 is supported, and you can also define your own quick-reply snippets to add boilerplate to your email replies.

I’m still having trouble getting the app to add actual alarms to the reminders, but adding them to Fantastical as calendar entries works just fine.

And those updates? Here:

• Adds ability to name email accounts
• Adds ability to reorder email accounts
• Adds option to return to inbox after archiving/deleting/marking as spam/moving
• Adds option to disable loading of remote images
• Allows creation of calendar events & reminders from emails without tapping on a date/time link

Actually not that much, apart from letting your create a reminder from a vanilla mail that has no date link. But then, this update was really just an excuse for me to remind you about this amazing app.

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