Dev Forced To Change Sexually Suggestive App Name



What’s in an app name? That’s the question an developer had to ask himself after accidentally naming his app that was sexually suggestive enough that no one actually wanted to use it.

Australian developer Murray Hurps released an app back in December that allowed speakers to get honest, anonymous feedback from their audience while on-stage. It was a niche app, but still a good idea: it’s certainly better to get some push notifications to your iPhone telling you to “Speak louder” than to hear cat calls from the audience.

There was only one problem. Hurps called the app ‘Intercourse.’ It was a little bit too clever for its own good, especially given that for the app to work, speakers needed to direct their audience to a porn-y sounding site.

Hurps says on his blog:

Since then we’ve seen a lot of feedback from people who love the idea, but were concerned that directing their audience to “” would distract from their presentation.

A little bit of this feedback would be okay, but the volume of similar feedback we received was enough to make anyone pay attention. We’ve got real demand for this product, and a consistent theme about a single thing users are objecting to.

The search for a replacement began…

It’s now called Feedback Fast, and while it doesn’t have quite the same kick to it, it is — at least — less likely to confuse. Feedback Fast is available for free on The App Store.

Now Murray just has to change the name of his other app for a dumpster delivery service, “Come Dumpster.”

Source: MurrayHurps
Via: App Advice