EverMemo, A Clean Evernote-Syncing Notes App With Some Neat Features



Evernote continues to suck as an app, and excel as a back-end service for better-designed apps. EverMemo is yet another quick note taking app which posts your important scribblings direct to your Evernote account to be indexed and assimilated, all without having to launch Evernote’s own bloated monster and tap desperately as you try to find the new-note button before you forget whatever it was you were trying to remember.

The app looks pretty neat, with a nice flat iOS–7-y UI which lets you launch and start tapping right away. Notes are automatically synced with your Evernote account and those notes are shown in a neat and handsome grid view to let you browse them in the EverMemo app itself.

There are some other neat features, too. The app has a calculator built in, and you can also set it to automatically paste anything that’s on your clipboard when you launch it. You can also add reminders, password protect your notes, and share notes with “the Mocha community.” I have no idea what that is, and I hate any kind of milky drink, even if it contains chocolate and coffee, so I’m not going to find out.

For me, Evernote is a repository for scans and PDFs, plus other snippets of information I need to keep around for reference. And if I do need to add a note I do it via Drafts. However, EverMemo looks so clean and simple that it might even be a good way to browse your notes, especially on the bigger screen of the iPad version (the app is universal). And as it is free to download (with in-app purchases for most of the above features), you might as well give it a spin.

Source: iTunes