Twitterrific 5 Gets Live Streaming, Photos Over DM, And Price Tag Drop To $0.99



Twitterrific 5, a popular third-party Twitter app for iOS from The Iconfactory, was updated today with a few new features.

The biggest addition is live streaming for incoming tweets in the timeline, which has been a glaring omission from the app until now. Unfortunately, live streaming only works over WiFi, as Twitter won’t let Twitterrific use streaming over a cellular connection. The feature can be enabled in the app’s settings.

You can also create and manage lists, thanks to today’s update. Photos can be sent over DM—a feature recently added to Twitter’s official app and Tweetbot. Another neat addition is the ability to copy the text from an entire conversation.

Twitterrific is one of the best Twitter clients out there, and it normally costs $2.99. For a limited time, the price has been dropped to only $0.99, so get it while it’s hot.

Source: App Store