Palette, Control Any Mac App With Modular Knobs And Dials




Keyboard shortcuts and trackpad gestures are fine, but they’re not as good as dedicated knobs and dials for just getting out of the way and letting your concentrate on the job instead of the interface. But knobs and dials are annoyingly fixed, whereas an on-screen control panel can be changed to fit the function.

Can you see where we’re going here? The Palette does both. It’s a modular, Lego-like set of buttons, knobs, dials and sliders which can be configured in hardware and software to do whatever you want them to.

Want a bank of sliders to quickly adjust your photos in Lightroom? Or to mix music using knobs and sliders when Djing in a club. You can even use it for games.

The basic block is the “Power Module” which connects via USB and lets you add as many extra units as you like, just by plugging them in. Then you use the Palette app to tell your Mac what to do with the buttons.

Following a successful Kickstarter campaign, the folks at Palette are taking pre-orders for delivery in fall. The Starter Kit costs $90 for four modules (a power module with color screen, one button, one dial and one slider) and goes up from there. I’m thinking of using a bunch of sliders to build my own transporter teleport device. Now where the hell did I put those dilithium crystals?

Source: Palette Gear
Via: Core77