iWatch Production Reportedly Plagued By Screen, Battery Issues


(an iWatch concept design)
(an iWatch concept design)

Wearables are all the rage at CES this week, but everyone is waiting to see what Apple does with its rumored iWatch. The mysterious device has been in the rumor mill for several years now, but reports have started picking up more frequently in the past year.

According to The Information, Apple is running into problems developing its watch-like device. Specific panel technology isn’t mentioned in the report, but Apple has apparently had problems choosing the right display. A “sizable” team is working on the project, which was reported last year. Battery issues (which are tied to the screen problems) have also been slowing development.

Call it a coincidence, but Digitimes reported that the iWatch was seeing production issues just last week. Apple was reportedly seeing low yield rates when trying to manufacture the device.

Top-level fitness and wearable talent from all over have been hired by Apple in recent months, but The Information says a key employee who came up with a wearable patent for Apple has left to join Nest.

Months ago, several outlets reported that Apple would release the iWatch by the end of 2013. Production issues then reportedly pushed the release back to the end of 2014. We can only hope to see it unveiled before the holidays now. Don’t let us down with those new “product categories,” Tim Cook.

Source: The Information