$7,800 Camera Stabilizer Might Be Overkill For Your iPhone



Would you pay $7,800 for a suitcase full of carbon fiber and aluminum tubes? No, me neither, but clearly somebody will, or Shadowcam wouldn’t be hawking its crazily-priced S–5 camera stabilizer, a three-axis gimbal rig that would keep your shots steady even if you stood on a vibrating table with a bowl of jello on your head.

This video shows a three-axis gimbal in action. Note. It’s not the Shadowcam, but it shows the amazing things these devices are capable of:

Amazing, huh? And that amazingness achieved through a combination of clever engineering, sensors and electric motors. It’s like a cross between a Steadicam and the optical lens stabilizer in your camera.

The S–5 can also be converted for use as a shoulder mount, although it won’t look nearly as impressive if used that way.

I don’t know about you, but if I saw someone shooting with one of these I wouldn’t be able to stop myself from shoving them or tickling them, just to see what happened. Available in the UK February.

Source: Shadowcam
Via: Petapixel