Christmas Tweets Show iPad Clobbered The Tablet Competition This Holiday Season



There’s a lot of different metrics out there for gauging the success of personal electronics, some more suspect than others. Many companies, for example, favor units shipped to retailers, where as Apple favors the more realistic metric of units sold.

Perhaps the best metric of all, though, isn’t what is shipped or sold, but what people want Santa to bring them for Christmas. And by this metric, the iPad is king.

According to this useful chart by Topsy Analytics, the iPad just destroyed the competition on Christmas morning.

Doing a search on Twitter for mentions of “got iPad”, “got Kindle” and “got Note” from November 28th through December 28th, Fortune’s Philip Elmer-DeWitt counted the following results:

got iPad: 120,608
got Note: 46,617 (may include some false positives)
got Kindle: 15,566
got Surface: 4,177 (not showed in attached chart)

So even in the best case scenario for Samsung, the iPad outsold the Note tablet three to one on Christmas… and given the likelihood of false positives, it probably was a lot bigger discrepancy than even that.

Source: Fortune