Headphone Splitter With Per-Person Volume Control




I was all ready to write a sarcastic post about the Splitter, a little box that allows independent volume control of the two pairs of headphones you jack into it. After all, sharing a music track is something spontaneous – adding a specialist piece of hardware into the mix seems a little like quickly clipping your FitBit to your pubes before making love.

But then I thought about traveling, and movies.

IPad movies are a great way to survive a long wait in the airport, or a bumpy bus ride through the middle of nowhere. But unless you are watching with your twin, and you’re both wearing the same model of headphones, the audio will be either too loud or too quiet for one of the two.

So the Splitter is great after all, letting you both listen at the correct level, even if one of you is stuck using the crappy earbuds the airline had the balls to charge you $2 for.

Price? $10.

Source: Wicked Audio
Thanks: Kristen!