Get Screwed: Mac Toolkit Perfect For Holiday Repairs



As nerds, one of our Christmas holiday duties is to fix the computers of family and friends. And if the past is anything to go by, fixing Macs can mean opening them up for kitchen-table-top surgery. Hell, there’s even something to be done about common iPhone problems, too: switching out a smashed glass back on an iPhone 4/S, for example.

But a real doctor doesn’t go to work without a proper set of tools. I’ve stripped enough screw heads with cheap screwdrivers to know this. What you need is VisionTek’s new “12 Piece Toolkit 900671.”

In the kit you’ll find the following:

Straight Blade 2.0mm Screwdriver
Straight Blade 3.0mm Screwdriver
Phillips #0 Screwdriver
Phillips #1 Screwdriver
Torx T6 Screwdriver
Torx T8 Screwdriver
Torx T10 Screwdriver
Clamps & Pry Tools:
Scissor Clamp
Two Nylon Pry Tools

There’s even an “embroidered nylon carrying case with wrist strap” so you can tote this around the house to let everyone know that you are the awesomest guy in the whole place.

The screwdrivers have “rubber coated shafts for secure grip,” plus rotating top caps for simultaneous twisting and pressing.

Just remember the two rules of computer surgery. One: everything goes better if you have a beer close to hand and two: if you don’t have a few screws left over at the end, you’ve done something wrong.

Source: VisionTek
Thanks: Grant!