Instapaper Daily Shows The Day’s Most Popular News Story


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One of the best things about Instapaper now being owned by Betaworks is that the developers spend their time adding new features and services instead of complaining about things on their personal blogs.

And today that ethic has paid off, bringing us Instapaper Daily, a new site which shows the most popular story in Instapaper today. And of course, because Instapaper is all about reading later, you can browse back to any day in the past and see the headline story form that day, too.

The site is beautifully designed, with the day’s story front and center with the first paragraph and a picture. You can click through to the original site, or add the story to your Instapaper queue. Previous days can be browsed by clicking the arrows at either side, or using the timeline at the bottom of the page (complete with headlines) or by using the month view on the main page.

You can also browse by subject.

Weirdly, the site isn’t swipeable on the iPad: to flip between articles you have to tap the arrows at either side of the page. Neither can it be saved as a web app – if you add a home-screen bookmark it just launches you back into Safari.

Still, it might make a pretty good auto home page for your browser. I already learned that two members of Pussy Riot were freed yesterday by Russia’s dictator Vladimir Putin.

Source: Instapaper Daily
Via: Instapaper Blog