AirWeb, A Remote Controlled Web Browser For Apple TV



AirWeb is web browser for your Apple TV. It uses your iPhone or iPad as a control and shows the results on the big screen via AirPlay, letting you quickly browse to any site using your multitouch screen.

You know hellish it is to watch somebody else browse the web as they double-click links and circle their cursor/finger around the page as they search for something to click? AirWeb solves that problem.

The app, from Cult of Mac reader Christian A Strømmen, does something that seems to be unique. It puts the actual web page onto the Apple TV via Airplay, and puts all the browsing controls on the iPad (or iPhone) screen. This means that you can do all the annoying browsing part in private, and show only the results to your eager public. And it’s all done with easy-to-remember gestures.

To be honest, this seems like something that should be built in to iOS, but it isn’t. And that’s cool, as the app costs $1 and is Universal (the price will go up to a still-cheap $2 after Christmas). IF I was spending Christmas with my family, and if they had an Apple TV, I’d be on this like a shot, if only so I could be the king of showing cute animal videos to my mother in Christmas Day.

Source: iTunes

Thanks: Christian!

  • m13

    The real value of AppleTV is video. The killer app would be to send Flash and other videos from Mac/PC to AppleTV a la chromecast with iOS as controller. I am not sure if that would be something within Apple’s walled garden guidelines though.

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