Replace Your Mac’s Trash Icon With A Trashcan Mac Pro [How-To]



The new Mac Pro is finally here, and considering the fact that it looks exactly like a trash can, what better way to celebrate its release than to replace your Mac’s current trash icon with Apple’s stealthy, space-age new super computer?

Created by video game developer Jonathan Hirz, the Mac Pro Trash icon’s pretty easy to install. Just do this:

1) Download the icon here

2) Navigate to Machintosh HD > System > Library > CoreServices > Dock

3) Right click and “Show Package Contents”

4) Click on Contents > Resources

5) Scroll down to find the files “trashempty.png”, “trashempty@2x.png”, etc and back them up. There should be 8.

6) Replace old icons with new ones, and delete the reflections. They aren’t needed.

7) Open and type “killall Dock”.

And voila! You’re now stuffing your Mac’s virtual trash into the top of a $3,000 computer. Enjoy!

Source: Jonathan Hirz

  • Junaidkureshi

    Voila, it looks good having 3000$ machine as your trashcan

  • acecommander

    Somewhere in a dark, deep galaxy, far, far away, I get lost in Step 6. I must be replacing the icons wrong. I backed up the old icons, deleted the reflections, but can’t seem to “replace the old icons with the new ones”. I’ve even deleted the old icons to the trash, then went to Step 7 and if I use the quotation marks the command killall Dock says bad command. Even with the old icons deleted, I still have the old stainless steel mesh icon on my dock. Woe is me, or in this case, Whoa is me.

  • Dyslexicant

    Works great for me – on Mountain Lion OSX10.8.5.
    Thanks Jonathan

  • macbookprofan

    Hey Great Post!
    So I got it to work successfully but I had to troubleshoot. I did the instructions exactly multiple times but it did not seem to work. What finally made it work was emptying the trash.
    Thanks again for the post!

  • Stuka_UK

    Nice.. just needs one last icon for the top of the finder window when the trash is opened.