Phlite, A Lampshade For Your Camera Tripod




You know all those tripods we feature here on Cult of Mac? Maybe you have a stack of them at home, or maybe you just have one of them, stuck at the back of the coat closet and generally never getting used. Or maybe you don;t even have a closet to keep it in, and you just keep tripping overt it on the way to make you coffee every morning.

Enlight’s new Phlite is here to help. It’ll let you leave your tripod permanently erected in the living room, without anyone complaining. How? Let’s see…


The Phlite is a lampshade for your tripod. Whether you have a big, video-shooting, floor-standing monster or a small, clingy Gorillapod, the Phlite will fit onto the top and turn it into a standard lamp. Or you can clip it to the hotshoe of your favorite vintage camera.

The Phlite comes in two sizes, and the cable for the lamp exits from the shade itself so the unit will sit flat on a table when the camera/tripod is in actual use taking pictures.

The cost? £40 ($65) or £50 ($82). And it’s a Kickstarter, so you won’t get a sniff of a delivery until April. Then again, James and his company Enlight already makes a bunch of widgets and gadgets for photographers (the Orbis ring flash adapter for instance) do at least you know you’ll get one in the end).

I think it’s pretty rad, and I’m looking forward to seeing one on top of my little-used light stand.

Source: Kickstarter
Thanks: James!