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Infinity Blade III Will Get Its Most Massive Update Ever Next Week



It’s not just the incredible graphics and great gameplay that keeps people coming back to Chair Entertainment’s Infinity Blade games, it’s the constant updates, and hot on the heels of the announcement of a weird Keanu Reeves-centric game event comes word of a big new update.

Coming on December 19th, the ‘Ausar Rising’ update will explore the origins of the Infinity Blade protagonist, as well as allow you to revisit the original Infinity Blade castle.

So who is this Ausar character that will be rising in Chair’s next update? Good question. According to Infinity Blade‘s nonsensical lore, before Siris — the series’ protagonist — was a good guy, he was a baddie called Ausar the Vile. Chair describes the ‘Ausar Rising’ update’s plot thusly:

Now, Siris’ malevolent past returns and with the help of Isa, he must finally destroy his dark mirror. This new, substantial series of quests feature several new enemies, including a pair of new Deathless!

As part of this adventure, you will be able to return to the God King’s Dark Citadel, the castle from the first game, as well as explore other new environments, battle a second dragon, and earn the final Infinity weapon, the Infinity Edge.

But that’s not all! There’s also a new mode called Deathless Mode, which sounds like it plays a little like Dark Souls!

Deathless Mode turns normal Infinity Blade III quests into ultimate tests of skill. Equip your best items before you enter a quest, because once in, all your unequipped items, gems, gold, and chips are left behind at the Hideout. And if you die? You drop everything you had equipped and everything you had won and will have to fight your way back to claim your loot! But it’s worth the effort as there are Deathless Mode exclusive items and those who make it through Deathless Mode unlock the ability to master items beyond level 10!

There’s actually even more content packed into the ‘Ausar Rising’ update, including a Survival Arena with new items, gems, skills, and more, as well as a new MyMom Chat feature. If you like Infinity Blade III, this sounds like an update not to miss when it comes down the pipeline next Thursday.

Via: App Advice