Er Kommt! New Mac Pro Available Dec 16, Claims German Reseller


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Conrad Electronic, an authorized Apple reseller in Germany, has begun taking preorders for the new Mac Pro. Availability is listed for Monday, December 16th.

Apple has said that the Mac Pro would be available before the end of the year, but an exact date has not yet been given. It could very well be that this reseller is hedging its bets and trying to garner some press attention, but this wouldn’t be the first time a third-party reseller has correctly predicted a recent Apple product launch. The date could favorably coincide with the opening of the Apple Store in Düsseldorf, Germany on December 14th.

Providing that it takes Apple a couple weeks to ship custom Mac Pro configurations, mid-December is about as late as the company can postpone the product’s availability if it hopes to actually ship orders before the end of the year. Apple hasn’t always stuck to its availability predictions in the past, so it also wouldn’t be a surprise if orders begin next month but take until early next year to ship.

Source: Conrad Electronic

Via: Apefelpage