Rearrange, Pin Or Delete Safari Top Sites Thumbnails With Ease [OS X Tips]


Safari Top Sites

When you launch Safari these days, you’ll get the Top Sites page, showing all the sites you visit most frequently in Safari. If you’ve disabled this default view, you can get to it with a quick Option-Command-1 in Safari.

Did you know, however, that you can rearrange these Top Sites more to your liking? You can even delete sites you don’t want appearing there, as well.

When you launch Safari, or hit Option-Command-1 once there, you’ll see the list of sites Apple calls Top Sites. If you find any of these thumbnails you’d like to move to the a different row, simply click and drag any of the thumbnails to a different spot in the order.

If you want to get rid of any Top Sites, simply hover your mouse over the thumbnail until the little icons appear in the upper left. Click on the X icon to delete the Top Site. Other sites will fit in to the slots near the end of the list, so you might have to delete a few before you have all the Top Sites you want on one page.

Want one of these bad boys to stay on the Top Sites page, in the slot you want it to? Simply click on the little Pin icon there, instead of the X, and the thumbnail will sit in your Top Sites list until you get rid of it.

Via: Mac Life