iTranslate, The Best Translate App For iPhone, Is Now On The iPad Too



I’ve tried plenty of popular translation apps in the App Store, and my favorite by far is SonicoMobile’s iTranslate. Until a couple days ago, the app was only optimized for iPhone, but on Turkey Day an iPad version was released as a free update to the existing app.

iTranslate recently underwent a big overhaul for iOS 7, and the new design is clean and efficient. There’s support for over 70 languages and a pretty capable text-to-speech translation tool. Intuitive gestures are peppered throughout the app, like swiping in from the outside of the right or left to initiate voice recognition.

The app is a free download, and a small in-app purchase removes ads, unlocks Siri voice recognition, and the ability to translate long amounts of text at once. Check it out. SonicoMobile also makes other great apps, like iTranslate Voice, Files App, and Languages.

Source: App Store

  • It’s really good for many iPad users who really seek this kind of application for them to translate words and phrases easily. It’s nice to have this kind of thing.

  • Spencer Y

    Thanks for putting this list of translator apps together. In your next update of the review, could you please take a look at Lutino. It offers a free version, best of class voice recognition and translation (both Google and Nuance), a web page translator, and an easy to use, customizable UI.
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