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TenOne Design’s Pogo Stylus Bounces Back With New Design



TenOne Design’s new updated Pogo stylus is gonna be great for heavy stylus users, people who love magnets, and folks with shirt pockets. Why? Read on:

The newly updated Pogo is a regular dumb capacitive touch stick which replaces you finger for easier writing and drawing on the iPad (or other capacitive-screen devices). The new version has a couple of great features. First, the clip can be removed (just like on the Wacom Bamboo stylus) so you can either keep it up in your shirt pocket, or ditch the clip and enjoy the fact that your exquisitely-machined pen will roll off even the most gently-inclined surface easily.

Then there’s the tip itself, which is held on by magnets, and therefore easily replaceable should you write too much, or just mistake you new stylus for a pencil and try to sharpen it with one of those tiny desktop garbage disposal machines.

The new Pogo is available right now, for the reasonable, reasonable price of $15.

Source: TenOne