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Apple To Produce 4 Million Retina iPad Minis During November Alone [Rumor]



Recent reports have claimed that Apple’s had some difficulties manufacturing the new iPad mini with Retina display, which is why it didn’t shout too loudly about its launch earlier this month, and why the device hasn’t been too easy to get hold of in many markets.

But now that the initial supply constraints are easing, the Cupertino company will produce 4 million units during November alone, according to supply chain sources in Taiwan.

Apple’s orders for the iPad mini with Retina display have already surpassed those for the first-generation iPad mini, DigiTimes reports, but the company has had to deal with shortages of its 7.85-inch Retina display which have caused a large percentage of those orders to be delayed.

That’s why so many customers have had to wait weeks for their new iPad mini to arrive after placing their order through the Apple online store, and the reason behind Apple’s decision not to sell the device in its retail stores until just last week.

But now those shortages are easing, and Apple is churning out new iPad minis as fast as it can ahead of the lucrative holiday shopping season.

As for the new iPad Air, that entered production much earlier than the new iPad mini, DigiTimes claims, so the supply chain had much longer to prepare for its launch. As a result, supplies have been fairly steady since day one, and the device hasn’t been too difficult to obtain.

Of course, it’s worth remembering that this is a DigiTimes report, and its sources have been less than accurate when it comes to rumors surrounding Apple.

Source: DigiTimes