Microsoft Takes On The iPad Yet Again With New Surface 2 Ads [Video]


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Microsoft loves to make ads for the Surface that pit it against the iPad. Two new ads for the Surface 2 are perfect examples of how Microsoft can’t effectively market the Surface on its own merits, but must instead compare it to things the iPad can’t do. It’s an incredibly predictable, miserable marketing tactic that Microsoft just can’t seem to let go.

In its two latest ads, Microsoft tries to convince us that the Surface 2 is better because it supports hand gestures and multiple user accounts.

  • Foxjordan

    The 10 seconds this ad spent showing the Apple App store showed more apps for the iPad than exist for the Surface. Maybe Microsoft should spend more time attracting decent developers to their platform and less time/money on pointless marketing ploys that deceive exactly no one.

  • Gavin Blur

    the ads are as boring and as useless as the surface itself!

    plus they will never be able to play with their food like this

  • markymac

    So the iPad app offers voice guidance while the Surface app doesn’t and the best objection you could come up with is the kitchen might be noisy when you use the app?!

    I wouldn’t even begin to call myself a marketing genius (I’m finishing up my marketing degree now), but if I were sitting around a table brainstorming ideas the last thing I’d want to do is even show what my competition can do. I’d rather try to avoid talking about my competition at all if I can stand it because no one likes a snitch or a product with an inferiority complex so palpable that I have to s*** on my competitor.

    I’m in sales and rather than trying to talk about (or even show) what our competitors products can do we focus on what makes our products better and future-proof. Microsoft could do this too but they choose the most inane and vapid forms to show it.

    The sad thing is Microsoft does have a lot of advantages over the iPad but they (or rather the marketing agencies they’re farming this work out to) has absolutely NO idea how to position the Surface’s advantages.

    Pathetic in almost every way imaginable.

  • MrsCleaver

    “Microsoft Takes On The iPad Yet Again With New Surface 2 Ads”

    Yeah man, go Microsoft! Take on Apple. ‘Cause Windows 7 and 8 are soooo good. And the Zune killed off the iPod. And the Windows Phone is a huge success. And the Surface! Man, people just line up to have the latest Surface.

    Go Microsoft!

  • TheMacGuy

    One of the biggest problems the iPad has is kids buying apps. Theres just so many to choose from! The Surface fixes that, with only a handful of apps, most of which are like the Surfaces Operating System, useless.