Index Less, Search Smarter – Customize Spotlight Search On Your iPhone [iOS Tips]


customize spotlight

With the new iOS 7, you’re able to search your iPhone from any icon-bearing home screen. Simply drag downward on the iPhone screen on any page, and you’ll see the Search field. Type in whatever you’re searching for–Contacts, Apps, Music, Messages–and your iPhone will display all of those things in a nice list for you. All you need to do from there is tap the result you want to check out, and iOS 7 will take you to that specific bit of data.

However, maybe you don’t want to search everything on your iOS device. Maybe you don’t keep Music on there, or you don’t want to see a list of Podcasts or Mail when you search your iPad for a specific app.

Lucky you; it’s pretty easy to customize. It might even help you save a bit of battery, too.

Tap on the Settings app icon, and then tap on General. Once there, tap on Spotlight Search. You’ll get a list of all the stuff your iOS device can look for.

Once you’re here, you can do two things to customize the search results. One, tap on the data types to uncheck them. That way, for example, if you uncheck Audiobooks, you won’t have Spotlight searching within your audiobooks when you are really more interested in looking through your Contacts.

Secondly, you can tap and drag the data types into a new order, so that if you want Applications to be the first type in your results list, you can drag that one to the top. Simply tap and drag the little three horizontal line icon to the right of the data type you want to move, and drag it to the position in the list you want it to stay. Release, and you’re good to go.

Via: IB Times Australia