Boxer Mail App Now For iPad, Adds Evernote And Sanebox Support



Boxer is another of the new breed of apps that let you swipe your way through e-mail and get to the Zen state known only as “inbox zero.” Mailbox was arguably the first of these apps – which also let you turn your e-mails into to-dos – but it’s Gmail only and the iPad version sucks. Boxer, née Taskbox (which supports pretty much every e-mail service including vanilla IMAP), has just gotten bumped to v4.0, adding in iPad support and a slew of other welcome extras. It’s also $1 instead of $5 for a while, in way of celebration.

First, Boxer looks great on the iPad, unlike Mailbox which still manages to render your e-mails as if you’re reading them in like windows 95. The new version still lets you swipe left and right to archive, delete, create a to-do or pop open the action panel.

Actions are the main gimmick here, and it’s a good one. From the pop-up panel you can do the usual things like marking spam, archiving or deleting your message, but you can also create a todo, make a quick reply (using a kind of built-in snippet or boilerplate system), “like” the message (which e-mails the sender to tell them you, like, totally dig their message) or – new in v4.0 for iPad and iPhone both – send the message direct to Evernote or Sanebox. I don’t use Sanebox, but Evernote integration lets you pick a source notebook right there in the app.

And this brings me to a rather neat feature in Boxer: smart filing. Whenever you need to pick something from a list, be it an IMAP folder or an Evernote notebook, a few smart options are displayed at the top of the list. These are surprisingly good guesses most of the time, and presumably will get better as I use the app more.

Unlike Mailbox, which uses its own server-side shenanigans to manage all your to-dos and notifications, Boxer uses standard IMAP folders, creating a Boxer folder in your e-mail list and adding Done and To-Do folders inside that. This means you can access these from anywhere, although you don’t get the neat due date and other features that you get if you use the built-in dashboard view. You can also add mails to your to-do list from elsewhere, for instance by using mail rules. This makes Boxer both powerful and future-proof, which I like a lot.

Actually, now that I’ve started using the app, I regret not paying the full $5 for it. Boxer doesn’t integrate directly with all the services on my iPad like Dispatches does, but its fast, reliable (unlike MailPilot) and doesn’t lock you in. What’s not to like? Hell, I might even check out Sanebox because of it.

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  • patrickahles

    Wrong picture?

  • TiagoMota

    I’ve used Boxer when it first started. The ability to manage accounts from multiple sources drawn me – like a Mailbox for services other than Gmail. But I was never able to sync my and Hotmail accounts correctly. I’ve even stayed in contact with the development team about this bug. A new email would appear, but disappeared the next day, even if I left it unread. After a few months of tests, sharing information with the development team and login in and out, I gave up. It seemed like a great app, but this bug turned it simply unusable for me.

    Does it work properly with now? Anyone else had the same problem? I might go back to it if the problem is gone.

  • horacio

    Loose patience with BOXER and end up using the not better, but at least known IOS email is available and very basic to manage the email efficiently.

    So far the good th.ings of Boxer are not that beneficial compared with the missed ones which, in my book, are not negotiable in any email system

    To those who are evaluating to purchase boxer I would recommend to hold for a while and from time to time verify how things are progressing with new releases.

    My feedback of why is not ready:

    1. Not having connectivity with the standard exchange address book is Per C a contradiction of what is sell: connectivity with exchange.
    Not access to corporate address book as IOS email has is really a shortcoming impossible to swallow.

    On the other hand creating new contacts from a sender is more than basic, but no possible without elaving the APP.

    2. Edition of a draft.
    The cursor behave like a rabbit, jumping to different lines making the edition a nightmare.

    Each time you open a draft you don’t know here the cursor is.
    Later when you finally find the location, it is not located where you need.
    You can spend marvelous time trying to end your message.

    3. Moving addressees from TO to CC and vice versa.
    Re-ordering the email addressees between these 2 fields is very basic too.

    4. Change of font without triggering same. Strange but happens.

    5. Multiple selection of email for massive action on them.
    Example for Bulk delete or for bulk archive.

    There are others which definitely are not nice to have, nonetheless should be part of the basic package.
    Can live with them under the promise that they are planned as indicated in their web site.

    See the age of all requests in their site and you will understand to what Im referring to.

    Cannot say a waste of money. Good experience trying to make it work.
    A pity that good ideas and useful functionality are not materializing in a good and stable APP.