Retina iPad Mini Shipping Times From Carriers Are Backed Up Till December


iPad Air and iPad mini

Tim Cook admitted that the iPad mini with Retina display will be in short supply for the next few weeks, but while Wifi-only units seem to be in-stock at Apple Stores across the country, it looks like Apple is having a hard time keeping a steady supply of 3G/4G units rolling out to developers.

Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile are all reporting shortages of iPad mini with Retina display stock with most orders being backed up for weeks, according to a report from CNET

As of last week, Verizon claimed their back-orders would start shipping on November 25th but that date has since slipped to December 2nd. Things are even worse for the other two carriers with AT&T saying it will take 21-28 days to ship new orders, while T-Mobile is struggling with a back-order ship time of 6-8 weeks.

Apple announced the iPad mini with Retina display alongside the new iPad Air at a keynote last month. The company hosted an official launch day for the iPad Air on November 1st, but thanks to tight supply of the Retina Mini’s new 2,048×1,536 resolution display that packs more pixels-per-inch that the iPad Air, Apple did a quiet launch on November 12th.

Rumors swirled before the Retina iPad mini launch that Apple was having a hard time manufacturing displays for the new mini, and it looks like that’s especially true for 3G/4G units. Apple’s website is reporting shipping times of 5-10 business days for 3G/4G Retina iPad mini models, but Wifi-only units seem to be fairly well stocked with many Apple Stores reporting same day pick-up as an option for online orders.

Source: CNET