Have Siri Toggle Settings On Your iPhone Without Lifting A Finger [iOS Tips]


Siri Settings Toggle

Siri continues to become more integrated into the operating system with iOS 7. We’ve already shown you how you can navigate to any of the specific settings screens on your iOS device using the clever digital assistant.

Let’s it one step further, though, and get Siri to actually DO some of the controlling of our oft-toggled settings, instead of just taking us to the specific page. Sure, you can also do this with the new iOS Control Center, but if you can’t touch your iPhone, Siri can cover it for you.

Launching Siri is a simple matter of pressing and holding the Home button, unless you have the app set to work when you raise the iPhone to your ear to talk. iPads and iPods with Siri can do the same thing, but lifting an iPad to my ear just seems silly.

Once you’ve activated Siri, simply say something direct, like “Turn off Wi-Fi,” or “Turn on Bluetooth.”

And that’s it. Now Siri can not only read your email, or text your best friend; she can actually change settings for you, too, which is pretty neat.

  • OneHungLow

    You can also change brightness levels. Obviously, these can easily be done with Control Center. But It’s nice to see more things that can be done with Siri. I guess if these things can be done when the device is plugged into a car and we have the device placed with proper viewing, I guess they can be useful. I guess I’m just a little too old school in that I’m not used to giving voice commands to my computing devices, yet. I still have problems when using Google Now in public places where it’s noisy.

  • rammo123

    “Have Siri Toggle Settings On Your iPhone Without Lifting A Finger”

    Except the finger you have to use to activate Siri.