Apple Preparing 12.9-Inch iPad For 2014 Release [Rumor]


iPad Air
The 2013 iPad Air was an obvious design influence on the iPhone 6.
Photo: Apple

Bigger is always better, right? That’s been Samsung’s philosophy when it comes to smartphone screens, but the latest bits of gossip from the rumor mill suggest Apple might be looking to embrace that matra with its iPad displays.

A new report claims that Apple is preparing to build a 12.9-inch iPad for release in 2014, which may sound somewhat outlandish, except we’ve heard similar claims from the WSJ and other analysts.

According to Korea Times’ sources, Apple has already asked its top suppliers to start making the 12.9-inch touchscreens screens that will be included in its 2014 iPad lineup that is  expected to improve picture quality as consumers move away from PCs and towards tablets as their main computing device:

“Apple’s local first-tier display supplier is now producing a 12.9-inch Retina Display to be used in the new iPad, which will be coming out sometime early next year. That display is now being manufactured by the supplier’s plant in Korea.

The 12.9-inch iPad will have improved picture quality. As the Apple partner intends to boost its lineup for displays that have almost ultra high-definition (UHD) quality, the upcoming iPad will provide very clear quality similar to that of UHD.”

Apple plays with different display sizes when prototyping all the time but this time it sounds like it’s starting to lineup production deals for a finished project, so maybe we actually will see this rumor come to life.

Some analysts have suggested that Apple is making a MacBook Air/iPad hybrid, though that seems unlikely as the company has mocked Microsoft’s Surface efforts, as well as other tablet-laptop hybrids on the market. However, if you slapped a detachable keyboard on it and sold base models for under $700, a 13-inch iPad might make sense as Apple’s most affordable full-scale computer.

Source: Korea Times

  • TheMacGuy

    I could understand a larger iPhone, but a larger iPad? Isn’t the iPad mini outselling its big brother?

  • innocentsmith

    I don’t think the screen size or the picture quality are the issues for most people switching over to ios full-time. The bigger issues are obstacles Apple has intentionally placed in the way:
    -small hard drive sizes. 128gb isn’t big enough for a ton of people, and none of the cloud services have proven affordable enough or reliable enough to completely depend on. Maybe ssd’s are still too expensive, I don’t know.
    -itunes syncing. blah. you can work around it, but it’s still the go-to method for a lot of tasks.
    -ability to troubleshoot using only ios. If you have any issues, usually you are required to plug your device into a “real computer” to fix it. (or so I’ve found in my experience)

    I don’t think anyone is arguing that osx is going away, but I could see the advantages of keeping it on as a “pro” platform. For people that use their computers for no more than light photo editing, web browsing and email, ios could be completely sufficient, if Apple wanted it to be.

    The problem I see is that they have a ton of people buying (repetitively) 3 main devices from them now, so how would it advantage them to completely cut out one of those streams of revenue for a lot of people? I think until the market demands it, and people are really no longer using pc’s/macs, and people start leaving their ipads for self-sufficient android or windows tablets, I don’t think they will move much.

    The strongest argument I can think of for this shift would be completing the “lock-down”. osx is pretty open compared to ios, and it’s easy to own a lot of different brand devices, and have your computer be the central hub, but if they move the ipad to that position (or icloud, for that matter, since that’s what it was touted as, but in reality it’s been a wireless usb cable), that user would have a lot more reason to stick with only apple devices, since the ipad doesn’t play well with anything that isn’t apple.

  • jacktheripper2234

    Honestly, it would be pretty pointless for apple to make just a plain old 12″ iPad. I just can’t see them doing this. Apple flip flops, and will never let you know what they are really thinking. I beleive with the breakthrough of the Haswell chip, and apples ability to nail battery life like they have with the macbook air, i think we will see a pro tablet for Apples art fans. It’s something that we have been asking for, for a long time. I think they know it’s what we want at this point. I believe we will see a custom version of OSX set up for it, and it will be a competitor to the popular Microsoft Surface Pro 2. People have realized, Mobile software is not the future for everyone, and it never can be. Mobile software is great for the general consumer. It will never be great for the pro user. I’m a graphic artist, why would i want a macbook air or any macbook, when i can have a surface pro 2 that’s more powerful, with a stylus that has Wacom’s technlogoy built into? Plus the ability to use my full blown creative software on the go, with long battery life. A tablet PC with no compromise is what the Surface Pro 2 is. That’s why it’s so popular, and that’s why i love. I was a hardcore apple fan for years, until they stopped catering to the pro consumer. The pro consumer landscape has changed. Everyone is on the go. The iMac, The Mac pro, and Macbooks really don’t serve to the creative artist anymore. We want a machine that can switch form factor, one that can be plugged into a large Cintiq when we want, ect. That’s what makes the surface so great. I’ve been prayin and hoping apple would make a pro tablet that runs OSX for their creative users. If they do, i will get it in a heartbeat.

    The iPad serves great purpose to the general consumer who doesn’t use technology for a living. It’s also great for content consumption. It’s not great for the pro user, and it never can be or will be, because it’s mobile software.