Many Apple U.S. Retail Stores Will Be Open Thanksgiving Day [Report]



The holiday shopping season will be starting a little earlier this year for Apple, as sources are now claiming that Apple will keep several of its U.S. Apple Stores open on Thanksgiving Day.

As reported by ifo Apple Store, Cupertino has been known to keep a couple of tourist-friendly Apple Stores open on Thanksgiving in the past: the Royal Hawaiian Apple Store and Forum Shops Apple Store in Las Vegas. For the most part, though, they’ve given employees the day off and opened as early as 3 a.m. on Black Friday to accomodate crowds.

Not so this year:

According to insiders, over the past few years several Apple retail market directors have been advocating for more stores to be open on Thanksgiving, believing the company was missing out on substantial holiday sales. Apparently their viewpoint prevailed this year, and at least 10 stores will be open some portion of Thanksgiving. Employee schedules to cover the holiday shifts were being prepared over the last two days.

Great news if you want an iPhone to go with your turkey, but pretty crappy for those employees who have to go without time with their families this year. Can’t we go one day a year without shopping?

Source: ifo Apple Store