Greatest Mac Moment #24: The 20th Anniversary Macintosh



25 Years of Mac
For those of you following along at home, we’re counting down the greatest Mac Moments of the past 25 years. This week’s is sure to be controversial.

We’ve got no idea what the 25th Anniversary of the Macintosh will bring, but we certainly know what we’d like it NOT to be. The 20th Anniversary Mac was a trifecta of bad, underpowered, overpriced, And while it was a beautiful machine, it looked like it was designed Bose instead of Apple.

For more thoughts on the topic, Craig’s interview with is below.

2 responses to “Greatest Mac Moment #24: The 20th Anniversary Macintosh”

  1. junihh says:

    OK, is overpriced but was the must beautiful Mac ever made… and the music on it was amazing too.