Doxie Flip Will Scan Anything — Even The Walls



Doxie has filled a gap in the market with its new Flip, an oddball flatbed scanner that has a see-through bottom so you can flip it over and scan anything, even the wallpaper or carpet. It works a lot like a book-sized piece of electronic tracing paper.

The Flip is meant to be carried: it’s small, it comes in a tough case and runs of a set of 4 AA batteries (included). It works like other flatbed scanners, with a lid on top, and it works like other Doxies, scanning to an SD card for use on your Mac or iPad.


The idea is that, while the regular Doxie is great for paper (I scanned a whole book with it), it’s not so great for anything else. So the Flip scans the things you’d usually your iPhone camera for: Field Notes notebooks, swatches of fabric and anything else. In fact, the instructions all but encourage you to get wet and dirty, just so long as you keep the water on the glass and away from the edges.

I have a review unit that has been in action for the last couple of weeks, and I shall be writing the review tomorrow. Spoiler: it’s a lot of fun.

Source: Doxie
Thanks: Paul!