Box Office Returns to AppStore as Now Playing



Developer Cyrus Najmabadi, the man behind the iPhone app Box Office, which disappeared from the AppStore earlier this month, has apparently kissed and made up with Apple.

In a post to an Ars Technica forum last night, Najmabadi (who posts under the user name Metasyntactic) said, “I got an apology [from Apple] for the length of time it took to respond to me. I’m very happy by this turn of events, and I’m glad that apple will be letting me stay in the store.”

The reasons behind Box Office’s disappearance from the AppStore remain a mystery, though some speculate it may have had something to do with trademark conflicts, which may have in turn prompted the name change. The app is still listed in the AppStore under the name Box Office, though a search for “Box Office” will not get you to it. To find the app, you’ll have to search by Najmabadi’s name or by “Now Playing.”

Via Ars Technica

2 responses to “Box Office Returns to AppStore as Now Playing”

  1. Ken says:

    Did I get it just in time or something today that other than the splash screen everything says BoxOffice (no space)?