Delivery Status Touch Gets Huge Update For iOS 7



If you thought there wasn’t much Junecloud could so to improve its already-great deliveries-tracking app Delivery Status Touch, then you’re about to be amazed. In fact, so long is the list of changes in the newly-launched v5 that I have pasted them below for your goggle-eyed viewing pleasure.

In short, it now looks great on iOS 7, can sync via iCloud if you prefer, integrates with 1Password and is way way quicker.

I use Delivery Status Touch al the time to track packages being sent to the Cult of Mac test labs. I love it, but there were a few annoyances. Having to find my Amazon or other passwords was one friction point (although this only happens the first time you use a new service). This is now fixed, with a quick automatic trip to 1Password.

Sync can now be switched to iCloud instead of Junecloud’s own service (which has been rock solid for me, and is still currently needed to sync with the dashboard widget). And you can also use the new notifications system to make occasional background checks in iOS 7, as well as adding the estimated delivery dates to your calendar.

And if you manage a ton of deliveries, you can now narrow by search. Also, completed deliveries are now archived instead of deleted.

It’s a pretty great update, as I said, to an app I use all the time. I especially like the new notifications options, which will – ironically – means I actually need to spend less time in the app itself.

And the release notes in full. Grab a coffee: This may take some time.

What’s New in Version 5.0

  • A new look: redesigned for iOS 7 (but we didn’t forget about iOS 6).
  • Background notifications: with iOS 7, your deliveries can update occasionally in the background, and let you know when something changes. Open the settings and tap Notifications to turn this on.
  • Calendar support: optionally add estimated delivery dates to your calendar. Open the settings and tap Notifications to turn this on.
  • Search: You can now search your deliveries by item name, tracking number, shipping company, current status, and more.
  • Archive: Deliveries are now archived instead of deleted. The detail view also shows an archive button when a delivery is complete. You can search for archived deliveries, view them, and restore them if necessary.
  • iCloud sync: You can now sync with either iCloud or Junecloud sync. (For now, stick with Junecloud if you need to sync with your Mac!)
  • Lightning fast barcode scanning: on iOS 7, barcodes scan faster than ever.
  • AirDrop sharing: on iOS 7 you can easily share deliveries with others around you.
  • Text and iMessage sharing: on iOS 7 you can now share deliveries via text message or iMessage.
  • More sorting options: You can now sort by last updated in addition to by delivery date or date added.
  • Improved efficiency. For example, manually refreshing will skip deliveries that were just updated, and deliveries that haven’t changed in a while will update less often.
  • When a countdown is over 99 days, it will now display in months.
  • Favorites now sync with iCloud (even if you’re using Junecloud to sync deliveries).
  • You can now use the return key to cycle through the settings when you’re adding a delivery, for faster entry.
  • 1Password integration helps you easily look up your passwords.
  • Web pages now have a back button, plus an option to copy the link or open it in Safari.
  • When you’re viewing the delivery details, you can now tap a numbered item to show that shipment in the main list.
  • If you edit an “Other” delivery and add a tracking number, Delivery Status will now try to guess which service it is.
  • Improved searching of the services list: more services are marked as EMS, and “other” is now shown if there are no matches.
  • Many, many other improvements and optimizations.
  • Note: this version requires iOS 6 or later.

Source: iTunes

  • jmw917

    It would really help if this app was able to sync with user accounts from amazon, ups, etc and just add deliveries there.

  • teedoff087

    you can copy the amazon order number from the amazon app and when you switch to deliveries, it automatically prompts you to add it.