Vine Update Brings Multiple Drafts And Editing Tools



Today Twitter’s Vine app was updated with a few new features, most notably the ability to save multiple video drafts at once and editing tools.

Draft support, which Vine is calling “Sessions,” allows you to save up to 10 clips at once in the app. “Time Travel” means you can “remove, reorganize or replace” any clip before sharing. Tapping the green bar in the camera view enters Time Travel mode, and there’s also a new edit button while you’re reviewing a video.


When Vine originally came out earlier this year, its users were severely limited in terms of manipulating videos. When Instagram added editable video support, Vine started rolling out more complicated features. While Instagram has certainly took some of the focus away from Vine, the social network still has a vibrant community of people who like to be creative, twerk and make racial jokes.

Source: App Store

Via: Vine