Apple Posts Videos From Yesterday’s Event, Including New iPad Air Ad


Screen Shot 2013-10-23 at 2.34.27 PM

During yesterday’s iPad keynote, Apple showed several new videos to the audience. Now four of those videos have been uploaded to Apple’s official YouTube channel.

The first is called “Making the all-new Mac Pro:”

Here’s the obligatory Jony Ive video for the iPad Air:

Apple put together a nice clip showing how the iPad is used in different ways around the world:

And finally, here’s Apple’s first TV ad for the iPad Air, and it may or may not be narrated by none other than Bryan Cranston. It’s called “Pencil:”

  • Steven Quan

    So I upgrade to Mavericks, I’m surfing the web, and I’m getting nauseous (again). What is wrong with Jony Ive? Why does everything he touch make me nauseous? I’m using the trackpad on my 27″ iMac, with Safari and it moves side to side WAYYY too easily compared to before. Before, when moving the page up or down you could move from side to side a little bit and it wouldn’t register which made page navigation more steady (it just went straight up and down). The way it is now, if you move to the side just a little bit, it registers on the page which makes me seasick.

    I got the exact same feeling when I upgraded to iOS7. The icons were moving too much when I navigated to and from the home pages. I don’t get it much anymore, but it happened immediately after upgrading to iOS7 and lasted about a day.

    I realize that if I just slide my fingers straight up and down I wouldn’t have to worry about a side to side motion, but sometimes that’s easier said than done when you do a lot of surfing. It’s easy to move to the left or right side just a few pixels and that’s all it takes to make motion sickness.